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MiFi Telecom's Broadband Phone offers a new generation of telephone service to save more on long distance rates.




For enquires, please contact sales@mifi-telecom.com

MiFi Telecom's Broadband Phone offers a new generation of telephone service to save more on long distance rates.




For enquires, please contact sales@mifi-telecom.com

Sample money saving plans:






Unlimited calls to IP phones and toll-free numbers; access to our low long-distance rates



Canada Unlimited



Canada Unlimited + 500 total minutes to US, China, HK and Taiwan



Canada Unlimited + 1000 total minutes to US, China, HK, Taiwan and 20+ countries



Unlimited to US, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and 20+ countries



Business Plan - Unlimited to US, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and 20+ countries

20+ countries qualified for free calls in the unlimited plan include: US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom

All cellular calls are not included in the unlimited plans except for the following countries: Canada, China, Hong Kong, U.S.

Sample per minute rates in Canadian currency:














Hong Kong












South Korea










This agreement ("Agreement") is between MiFi Telecom Inc. ("MiFi") and an end user ("Customer") of MiFi's communications services and any IP telephone, analog telephone adapter or any other IP connection device or related products or services ("Service"). All Services are governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.




Service is offered on a monthly basis beginning on the date Customer activates service and continues for the duration of that calendar month. The Service is automatically renewed unless Customer provides MiFi notification of intent to terminate the Service not less than thirty (30) days prior to effective date of termination.


Equipment and Devices


Customer owns the Equipment provided by MiFi for delivering the Services. Maintenance or repairs of equipments are not included in this agreement.



Customer may not resell or transfer the Services or the Equipment to any other person without the prior written consent of MiFi, which consent may be withheld in MiFi's sole discretion.


Customer understands and agrees that the Service is not regulated by law as a telephone service. MiFi is not liable for damages due to service disruptions and malfunctions.


Customer understands and agrees that 911 emergency service is not provided in the agreement.


MiFi reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the Service and Equipment is used for illegal activities.

MiFi reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the Service and Equipment is used for telemarketing and message broadcasting.


MiFi reserves the right to terminate the agreement if usage by Customer is excessive and impacts the services to other customers.



Billing, Charges and Payment


Invoicing. MiFi will provide Customer with monthly invoice on request. Charges shall include Equipment purchases, monthly service fees, usage fees, shipping charges, Early Termination Fees, toll charges, taxes and all other applicable charges. Monthly service fees are paid in advance of each month's Service. Toll charges and other applicable charges are billed at the end of each service month. Deposits, if applicable, are charged at the time of purchase and are invoiced whenever the deposit is reduced by usage to $6.00 Canadian dollars. MiFi reserves the right to charge Customer's Credit Card at any time during a service month if Customer's toll charges exceed $24.00 Canadian dollars. Billing for monthly service fees, deposits and other applicable charges commences upon purchase of Services, and the first month's monthly service fees will be prorated to take into account any partial month of Service. Activation occurs when Customer's Equipment is registered to MiFi's systems ("Activation").

Toll Charges. All calls to or from Equipment using the Services that originates or terminates in the Public Switched Telephone Network ("PSTN") is subject to the then applicable toll charges that are associated with the service plan Customer has selected. All calls to destinations that is not an MiFi Customer will be charged at the then current rates published by MiFi. The duration of each call will be calculated in one minute increments.

Telephone Numbers. Any telephone number provided to Customer by MiFi shall be leased and not sold. Customer may not use such number with any other devise other than the Equipment with the express prior written consent of MiFi. MiFi reserves the right to change, cancel or move the number in its sole discretion.

Billing Disputes. Customer must dispute any charges for the Services within thirty (30) days of receipt of the monthly on-line invoice. Customer understands and agrees that Customer's failure to dispute any charges with the thirty (30) day time period constitutes a waiver of all claims to any dispute.

Late Payment - Non-Payment. If any charges for Services are due but unpaid for any reason including, without limitation, non-payment or declined Credit Card charges, MiFi may suspend or terminate the Services and all accrued charges shall immediately be due and payable, to include a late fee of the lesser of 1.5% or the maximum allowed by law. If charges cannot be processed to the Credit Card, Customer will be charged a fee of ten dollars ($10.00). Neither suspension nor termination shall relieve Customer from the obligation to pay all amounts owing under this Agreement.


Termination of Service


MiFi reserves the right to suspend or discontinue providing the Service or Customer's Service at any time in its sole discretion. If the Service is terminated by MiFi in its sole discretion, Customer will be liable for all charges accrued through the date of termination.


If the Service is terminated as a result of a breach of agreement by Customer, Customer will be liable for the entire month in which the termination occurs, unbilled charges and an Early Termination Fee of seventy dollars ($70.00 Canadian) and all such charges shall be immediately due and payable.


Customer agrees to provide MiFi thirty (30) days notice of Customers intent to terminate services. Customer shall be responsible for the full monthly service fee for the month in which notice of termination is received. An Early Termination Fee may apply to termination as set forth in Section 8 below.


Charges for Changes in Plans


MiFi will charge Customer's credit card a Plan Change Fee in the amount of $20.00 if Customer chooses to change Plan from any plan with a Monthly Fee of $10.00 or more per month to any plan with a Monthly Fee less than $10.00 per month.


In the event of Customerís billing being outstanding for 15 days, MiFi may debit the amount owing against the credit card(s).




Changes to the Agreement, Services or Plan


MiFi reserves the right to change the Agreement, Services or Plan at any time ("Change"). Customer is deemed to have accepted the Change(s) unless Customer terminates the Service. If Customer elects to terminate the Services, Customer will be liable for all amounts due and a early termination fee, if applicable. Customer may, at any time, request a change of Plan subject to charges associated with such change of Plan. MiFi may reduce its prices for Services or Plans without prior notice to Customer.


Technical Support


MiFi provides technical support for Services and Equipment described in this Agreement during its normal business hours.




Customer may not assign or transfer this Agreement or its obligations hereunder in whole or in part. MiFi may assign this Agreement at in time and in its sole discretion.


Entire Agreement


This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between MiFi and Customer and supercedes all prior written or oral agreements related in any way to the subject matter hereof.


Updated: July 17, 2008

Copyright by MiFi.

MiFi Telecom does not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease or otherwise transfer any personal information collected to any third party outside the MiFi Telecom network.

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